Welcome to the Woodford Green Amenity Group blog

At the committee meeting in January ‘19 we had the following priorities;-

  1. We need to recruit collectors to help with collecting the annual fees for the group. This would involve posting our newsletter through some doors and also collecting their fees, and hopefully some others in your area will want to join.

  2. We will push Redbridge to plant a Spruce Tree (Basically a Christmas Tree) which will be decorated with lights over the festive period. Perhaps Pankhurst Gardens, but do you have a better site?

  3. We will push Redbridge council over the polluted stream in the Knighton Woods (Woodland Way end).

  4. We plan to have a pop-up shop a few times this year.

  5. We will continue to push Redbridge Council about the future of the Library and Hawkey Hall.

  6. We will organise several Litter Picks in 2019.

    What would you like to see added to our list?