The 2019 AGM was held on 7th June 2019.

Quiz answers

  1. When does the first mid week tube train leave Woodford for London? (0524)

  2. What colour are Woodford Towns F.C. shirts? (Yellow)

  3. On what date did the latest Woodford Folk Festival close? (1st Jan 2019) (in Australia!)

  4. Which country’s aerial bombing of Ethiopia is remembered in Woodford Green. (Italy)

  5. What is the distance off the 6th Ladies Tee at Woodford Golf Club?

  6. How old is the Woodford Wells Club? (150)

  7. How many Woodfords are there in Australia? (3)

  8. What is The Spivs address?

  9. When was WGEL established?

  10. What is the number of the night bus to Woodford Wells?